Royal Canin Dog Food Review

Royal Canin is one of the world’s largest manufacturers that offer different formulas for different breeds, sizes, and medical needs of your dogs. It has a decent amount of proteins with vitamins and minerals incorporated in it needed for everyday consumption. Royal Canin also provides some formula for breeds that are prone to joint problems.

We have a picky eater at home, and he loves Royal Canin Dog Food only. It is tasty for him, and he always finishes his bowls, especially the canned options. We also noticed that our dog doesn’t have any difficulty digesting it, and there are no digestive issues since then, so we can just stick to this brand for now.

Royal Canin Aroma

The packaging is also appealing. The aroma coming out from the packaging is what excites my dog every time we open any product. Our dog loves the crunchy kibble as well.

This brand is rich in essential amino acids and high in carbs that give our dog the maximum energy level he needs. Our dog seems livelier and seems fuller and will not ask for food for a longer time.

We also noticed that our dog has a shinier coat, maybe due to the fish oil incorporated in it.

We can recommend this product to other pet parents as decent dog food but keep in mind that dogs with wheat or corn sensitivities won’t eat this kibble since it has high amounts of grains. Wheat intolerance can lead to many health issues that most commonly affect the skin and digestive system. If your dog is not sensitive like ours, you can go ahead and buy this goodie.

On the other side, this brand has dehydrated poultry protein, which is a concentrated poultry by-product, and there’s no specification in their packaging regarding it. This may be acceptable, but it’s always better to look for other named sources. Other brands will offer it within the same price range.

It is also difficult to measure the percentages of ingredients for this product because of the vagueness in the packaging. It can be a considering factor concerning the quality of the food.

All in all, Royal Canin Dog Food has average quality compared to other leading brands in the market. If your dog is happy with it, you can continue with this as daily food, but there must be a supplemental food coming from animal meat with it from time to time to ensure your dogs’ overall health.

It is important to note that dogs react differently concerning dog food, so we need to make sure that every food we are giving them is not harmful to them. For now, my dog only prefers this brand and wouldn’t eat any other brand. Though the quality of the formula is average, it can be acceptable. Below are some pros and cons you can consider:


  • Tasty
  • Good texture
  • Appealing
  • Smells good


  • Has corn and wheat
  • Grain splitting
  • Overpriced for its quality

What does the fox our Taz say?

My parent told me this is not worthy for this price, so I haven’t tasted yet.

Taz rating: 3/5

Taz's Review of Royal Canin Dog Food

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