Natures Goodness Dog Food Review

This is the first grain-free brand in Australia when it comes to dog food. It is proudly produced in Australia with Australian meat as the main ingredient. They have many varieties for puppies to adult dogs of all breeds, from dry to wet and chilled to treats. Nature’s Goodness is serious in maximizing your dog’s energy level while considering their tummies as they used prebiotics to aid in healthy digestion.

All of the products are free from grain. It is important to note that this main concept will provide more room for protein and other important ingredients like vitamins and minerals. Other brands from the different markets will use grains as fillers. Some grains like wheat and corn will cause digestive discomfort and itching for some dogs, so we have to stay away from products with grains to ensure that no allergies will come near our dogs. Good thing that Nature’s Goodness is grain-free and affordable at the same time!

It has optimum protein levels that help in muscle and bone development in our dogs. It provides the daily nutrition and energy our dogs need every day.

We have been using mostly all products from Nature’s Goodness and so far, so good. One of our dogs used to vomit a lot, so we tried Nature’s Goodness Dog Food, and after a few days, his vomiting is gone. We also noticed that our dogs have a shinier coat mainly because this product has omega 3 and fatty acids. They also have higher energy levels and don’t seem to ask for food for a longer time.

This dog food also has natural oxidants, minerals, and vitamins that support our dogs’ immune system. We have sensitive dogs, and some of the other dog food in the market will make them itchy or will give them allergies on the first try, but Natures Goodness Dog Food had a different story. The first time we tried it, our dogs seemed happier, they love the crunchy feel of the kibbles, and they didn’t show any signs of allergies.

There was also a time that one of the dogs has severe dirarhea. When we put him on a strict dry Nature’s Goodness diet, his diarrhea has stopped in just a few days.

We also notice that our dogs become less fussy and livelier. Their eyes become whiter.

We highly recommend this dog food. Not only is the price fair and lower compared to other markets, but also it is packed with Goodness for the health of our dogs. We can use it for daily consumption without any worries. It is tasty, and our dogs really love it; they don’t leave a thing in their bowls. Nature’s Goodness Dog Food has a wide range of flavours you can choose from, and these flavours will never run your dogs out of options. Below are the pros and cons of this product:


  • Grain-free
  • High protein content
  • Shiny coat
  • Full energy
  • No filler
  • Good for sensitive dogs
  • No artificial colours, preservatives or flavours.
  • Better digestion
  • Crunchy kibble
  • Tasty


  • Limited treats
  • Rolls are kind of messy

What does the fox our Taz say?

I like this food. Not so much as the Wild Taste, but the taste is great and I feel great for a very long time without hunger.

Taz rating: 5/5

Taz's review of Natures Goodness Dog Food

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