Nature’s Gift Dog Food Review

This product is actually nature’s gift to some pet parents out there. It’s affordable and can deliver the proper nutrients that the dogs need. This is readily available in most supermarkets. It comes with dry, wet, and chilled food and soft kibbles.

We actually tried the Real Chicken Wet Food on our dog, and he seemed to like its taste. We actually want to transition him to this dog food since it is affordable compared to other brands in the market, but we noticed that protein content is less and carbs seem to be heavy, and too many carbs are not fit for him. We also need to supplement him with other food from other animal meals since protein is less. That being said, it contradicts the concept of being affordable. Fat content is also less compared to other dog foods in the market. And this might be the lowest one we have seen.

The ingredients are not transparent. When you see them on the shelves, you might think that this is actually a good dog food, but the list follows with wheat, rice, and sucrose that aren’t good for an everyday meal.

The food has gelling agents in it that can be a controversial topic as well. Another point worth mentioning is that the brand has some ingredients without nutritional value, like potassium sorbate, glycerin, and phosphoric acid linked to reduced bone density, making it a fairly debatable ingredient for humans and dogs.

These shortcomings can cause nutritional deficiencies in the dogs, and we don’t want that as pet parents.

On a positive note, Nature’s Gift Dog Food has vitamins and minerals incorporated in its formula. It also has peas that boost protein percentage and carrots for fiber and vitamin A. Other additives like canola oil and flaxseeds give omega 3 and omega 6 for the dogs. There’s also inulin in it that aids in digestion because of prebiotics.

We can recommend this dog food not as a daily meal due to its low protein content, but only as an occasional treat since the taste is good, especially the canned ones, and my dog really loves it. If you use this for daily consumption, supplements are needed with other meals for complete nutrition.

As pet parents, we need to make sure that everything we put in our dog’s mouth has value in it. There will be countless different brands in the market that will claim that their dog food is the best, but it is in our hands and discretion whether we believe them or not. Proper research on different products is a must to maintain the overall health of our precious dogs. Below are the pros and cons you can consider when deciding if you want to buy this product or not:


  • No added artificial ingredients include real vegetables,
  • Good texture
  • Tasty
  • Inexpensive


  • Too many carbs
  • Very low fat
  • Not recommended for those with a history of food allergies or a sensitive tummy due to wheat content

What does the fox our Taz say?

My parent sometimes buy this. I feel very energy after eating this food. But I feel tired after several hours.

Taz rating: 3/5

Taz's review of Nature's Gift dog food

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