Large Breed Dog Foods

Yes, large breed dogs – like your one – really deserve something special: more protein rich food, more micronutrients. Several manufactures focus on dog food for large breed. They have special product line for big dogs. Our dog Taz reviewed several ones, so you can see and pick the best one also for your dog.

List of large breed dog food reviews (best first)

Taste of the Wild

Best Food for Sensitive Dogs

Taz rating

Stay Loyal

High quality local ingredients

Taz rating

Applaws Dry Dog Food

A Magic Product for Livelier Dogs

Taz rating

Natures Goodness

First grain-free brand in Australia

Taz rating

Purina Pro Plan

Great value for money

Taz rating

Black Hawk Original

Claims to have the highest quality meats, fruits, veggies

Taz rating

Royal Canin

Bit pricy for average quality

Taz rating


+ Quality meat protein
– Too many food colourings

Taz rating

… we are working on more grain free product reviews. We are adding new one every week.