Ivory Coat Dog Food Review: Ideal food for dog’s rapid growth

Ivory Coat dog food has been a red flag for dogs since it changed its brand to The Real Pet Food Co. in the middle of 2020. However, feeding your dog with this diet is not advisable without properly checking and understanding this review.

Ivory Coat dog food has been developed with all-natural ingredients to provide a diet as close to what your pet would eat in the wild in terms of rich nutrients, high protein ratio and overall vitamins and minerals.

Ivory Coat uses the best quality proteins, oils, and fruits and vegetables in its recipes, so your dog can enjoy optimum health, vitality, and condition. 

Let’s get acquainted with the composition of Ivory Coat food using the flavour of the “Puppy All Breeds, Turkey & Brown Rice” option (specifically designed for large breed puppies, which provide healthy nutrients to fuel your puppy as they grow).

First and foremost, turkey and chicken meals are protein sources that help support your pup’s muscle in this flavour. The proportion of each component is not indicated, although it does include dried and fresh turkey meat, with a protein content of 26%. 

Because the composition contains no additional protein-rich additives, you may be confident that the bulk of the protein shown in the study is of animal origin. Brown rice and oatmeal are carbohydrate options that combine well with the digestible peas, red lentils, and beans in this flavour to promote healthy gut health and digestion. 

Fat and fatty acid sources include turkey fat and fresh salmon oil to help your dog’s skin flourish with a silky coat. Turkey sauce is a natural flavour enhancer. Flax seeds are high in fibre and unsaturated fats.

For a large breed pup, foods with turkey and brown rice are a fantastic choice for growing your dog. Also, the fat coupled with the omega-3 and omega-6 is essential for the pup’s rapid growth while bursting with all the vitamins and minerals needed for optimum health and development.

Chicory extract contains prebiotic inulin (good for digestion). MOS (mannan oligosaccharides) are also helpful prebiotics. Glucosamine and chondroitin are good for joints. Your dog won’t have to worry about the scent because the Yucca schidigera reduces the excrement smell.

Before you attempt to switch to this feed, you must ensure that it has no history of allergies. If there are no previous health issues, you can switch to the Ivory Coat dog food. Only then can it become evident that your pup can take this feed for proper health and a more suitable and balanced diet.

The composition is completed with extracts of various herbs and berries. All of them contain certain valuable substances.


  • the primary source of protein is meat;
  • rich in vitamins and minerals;
  • does not contain wheat or corn;
  • A natural preservative is used.


  • there are reports of nausea from dogs with allergies history;
  • Several pet owners have reported sickness and death in some dogs.

What does the fox our Taz say?

I want to be a big dog so huge protein source like Ivory Coat needed!

Taz rating: 5/5

Taz's review of Ivory Coat Dog Food

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