Instinctive Bite dog food review: Leaves your dog salivating for more

Picking up dog food is not easy. For your dog to be in its proper state of well-being, it must feed on natural and nourishing meals that won’t disturb its health. However, your dog’s well-being is the priority for instinctive bite dog food, making the company uses a 50% meat meal and half of the food composition for other ingredients. 

The first ingredient for this kibble is a wide range of single-source protein from various protein sources like chicken, turkey, lamb, and kangaroo.

Your dog also gets to salivate to other flavours of Instinctive dog food and choose its favourite from the different varieties, including lamb and brown rice, chicken and brown rice, chicken and sweet potato, and many more.

Let us consider the composition of this food using the example of the Instinctive bite lamb and brown rice dry food option. The lamb used in the production is ethically and locally sourced high-quality, palatable meat, which serves as a great source of iron, zinc, and vitamin B for your dog.

The first two ingredients, dehydrated lamb and beef are good sources of complete protein. In the composition, there is still dehydrated lamb liver, which is also another source of protein. There are no other very protein-rich ingredients, so we can conclude that most of the protein indicated in the analysis comes from meat.

Brown rice is another kind of natural fibre that Instinctive dog food uses since it aids digestion. It is also high in carbs, vitamins, and minerals. Brown rice contains vitamins D and B, which are vital for heart health.

Besan is included in Instinctive Bite dog food because it is an ideal ingredient for limited-ingredient dog treats; it provides a nutritious boost of protein and fibre to your dog’s diet, as well as being simple to digest and low on the allergy scale.

Dried peas, rice flour, dried buckwheat seeds, oatmeal, and corn flakes are sources of carbohydrates. Considering that corn flakes are less, we still classify the food as a super-premium class.

Dried pumpkin, apple dried, dried carrot, and flax seeds are sources of fibre. Flax seeds are also rich in unsaturated fatty acids. Carob trees – if you mean fruits, they are rich in protein and also a natural sweetener.

Chicory extract is a source of inulin (a prebiotic that positively affects digestion). Dried herbs (chamomile, rosemary, parsley) are sources of fibre and other beneficial substances. Beta-glucans are helpful for the immune system. Yucca – is good for digestion and reduces the smell of excrement. The vitamin-mineral mixture is a food supplement of vitamins and minerals.

It is specified that natural antioxidants are used in the feed – extracts from vegetable oils rich in tocopherol.


  • the primary sources of protein are meat;
  • good vitamin and mineral supplement;
  • there are grain-free formulas;
  • Natural antioxidants are used.


  • although in tiny quantities, corn is present;
  • Little widespread.

What does the fox our Taz say?

I would instinctively eat all package in one day. But my parent will not let me. Unlucky. Great food.

Taz rating: 5/5

Taz's review of Instinctive Bite dog food

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