Good-o Dog Food Review

With its colorful packaging, it has already caught our dogs’ undivided attention. They go crazy whenever they see the packaging of this Good-o Dog Food.

This bag of goodness has quality meat protein for active muscles and wholegrain cereal for healthy digestion, calcium for strong teeth, and essential fatty acids and zinc to keep your dog’s coat looking healthy, as Mars is claiming. It has juicy beef with bite-sized pieces that made our dogs wanting for more.

We usually give our dogs this food as treats only since it has too many food colorings to compromise their healthy diet. We can also say about this food because it has more salt than other dog food products that we are actually using for daily dog food, which is bad for their health.

We also noticed that it has some oil in it, which leaves some residue on their bowls. Our dogs seemed to love it, and it made them fuller easily. It also gave them lots of energy for playing, but we have observed that our dogs gained weight until we restricted it to occasional treats only.

While dogs can eat many kinds of cereal, they should only have it as a special treat. Cereal should also never replace the food you feed your dog as their main source of nutrition.

Good-o Dog Food also has palatant as an ingredient. Palatants give a substantial taste, smell, or enhancements in dog food, which are just artificial. And artificial is something that we always question.

Another point you may want to consider is that Good-o Dog Food uses humectants. It’s not explicitly written in the packaging what kind of humectants they are using, but the most common chemical humectant you want to avoid is propylene glycol. This type of chemical’s main purpose is to keep the dog food juicy, chunky, and chewy, but we all know that there are healthier ways of preserving food using natural sources as a better option. If humectant is something hard for you to pronounce, it may actually be hard for your dog’s tummy too.

Good-o Dog Food may be quite appealing to your dogs because of its significant taste and smell, but it may cost you more in the long run for going to the vet for medical expenses if this food is used as a portion of daily food.

We love our dogs, and we always need to try to make sure that we are feeding our lovely dogs the finest quality dog food. There are dog food manufacturers that will add some sort of chemicals that are not good for our dogs’ health. It’s in our hands to make sure that we understand and research properly what ingredients can be harmful to our dogs and know how to avoid them.

As a closing note, we recommend to use Good-o Dog Food for special treats only and not as the main source of daily food.



  • Tasty treat
  • More energy for the dogs


  • Artificial food colorings
  • Salty

What does the fox our Taz say?

I love this colorfull flavors. But it sometimes get stomachaches. Luckily my buddy buys it not too often.

Taz rating: 3/5

Good-o food Taz review

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