Buying a puppy from a breeder? Here’s what to look out for!

Buying a puppy is an important event. To be sure, this advice can help you decide if a puppy will fit into your life. Once you have decided to have a puppy in your home, the fun can begin! Of course you have to buy stuff for your puppy. Think of a basket, puppy food, toys and so on. While you’re rejoicing, you can also puppy-proof your home with these tips.

Besides all the fun stuff, it is important to take the purchase of a puppy seriously. What should you look for when buying a puppy? There are situations where, as a buyer, you quickly know that something is off. In this article you will read some important points that you need to pay attention to when you are going to buy a puppy.

You don’t get to see the parents, especially the mother, of the pup

From this you can tell that the breeder has something to hide. When you visit the breeder you should be able to see the puppies with their mother and their siblings. If the mother is not present (often various reasons are given for this) the reason may be that she is sick and too weak, because she is being used as a breeding machine. It may also be that the seller does not even have the mother because the puppies have been imported.

The breeder has several breeds of dogs

Because it takes a lot of time to take care of the mother and the puppies, a breeder cannot raise more than three litters a year. Therefore, you should be careful when the breeder has a larger supply. Mass production often results in poor health for the mothers and the puppies may suffer from psychological problems. This can affect socialization further in life.

The mother and puppies does not live in the house

If the animals are kept outside the home, for example in a kennel, positive socialization is unlikely. The young dogs need contact with people at the important developmental stage – they will benefit from this throughout their lives. To develop properly, puppies need to have many experiences in their environment during this period. Puppies that grow up isolated with few impulses may have difficulty adapting to a life with people later on.

Puppies are sold while they are under seven weeks old

Dogs should be at least seven weeks old, but preferably ten weeks! At that age, their development has reached a point where they can be separated from their mother.

The breeder is not interested in the future of the puppies

A responsible breeder wants to make sure that the puppies are well cared for in their new home. He might suggest that the new owner visit the puppies and their mother a few times before taking one, so that the animal can get used to the new owner’s smell. The breeder will provide information on how to care for the dog and assure himself that the new owner can handle the care. He will also want to stay in touch with the new owner and know everything about the doggie’s future. A breeder who gives a puppy to the first person who arrives at the door does not care about the dog’s welfare.

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