Baxter’s Dog Food Review

This brand is from Woolworths, and there are numerous complaints we heard from dog lovers for this product. Some people claimed that their dogs suddenly fell ill and even died after trying this product for the first time. The complaints are about vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, and becoming ill after eating this brand.

Baxter's packaing is nice, but ingredients are shocking.

The packaging is nice and attractive but what’s inside is shocking. It’s not appealing at all, and even our dog wouldn’t look at it. When you open some canned dog food, you will see that it has poor quality and poor standards and mostly full of water. We bought it to try and just to see for ourselves, but we decided not to take the risk.

Baxter’s Dog Food is continuously claiming that their range of products has the essential vitamins and minerals for strong teeth and bones to support the dogs’ immune system, everyday health, and well-being. They also claimed that their products provide a complete and balanced nutrition option without artificial flavours and no preservatives. It’s hard to agree, right?

Baxter's claimed: complete nutrition, no preservatives

The company has addressed some of the complaints they received and has said that rapid changes in diet have caused the dogs to become suddenly ill and claimed that their products are audited and tested multiple times, and they have never linked the issues to their products.

This is disheartening for some dog lovers because the illnesses and the dogs’ deaths were not considered. Some reports said that the company just gave gift vouchers for these issues.

Based on the ingredients, you can see that the company uses blanket terms to hide the origin of the ingredients used, like Meat and meat by-products, Cereal and cereal by-products, and Tallow. When there’s no transparency in the ingredients, there’s doubt.

Baxter's is high carb and low fat

The product is high in carbs and low in fat, which is bad for the dogs as dogs efficiently digest animal fat.

Another point worth mentioning is the use of controversial potassium chloride, which is very harmful if given in high doses. It can also be associated with upset stomach, vomiting, and diarrhea.

On a positive note, the company has incorporated other additives on this product, some vitamins and minerals, but it’s still unclear and specific.

It might be tempting to buy this dog food if we are tight on budget, but we need to make sure that our dogs’ health must come first. When choosing for your dogs’ right products, we need to make sure that it is a portion of good quality food. It may not be top-rated, but it must be average. No amount of money can replace our dogs. Proper research and understanding of the ingredients is a must.

In my opinion, this must be the worst dog food brand I have encountered. I would not recommend it to anyone or even mention their name. The complaints we received and heard are not just stories. There could be a reason why the complaints about this dog food brand are rising. Below is a summary of pros and cons that you may consider:


  • Cheap


  • Unnamed, generic by-products
  • History of complaints
  • Poor quality
  • High carb
  • Limited Varieties
  • Low fat

What does the fox our Taz say?

Simply: NO.

Taz rating: 0/5

Taz's Baxter's Dog Food Review

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  1. I have used just about all dry dog foods available in this country and Baxter’s dry food is the only one my dogs won’t touch.admitly they Got a mouth full and spat it all out.on reading the ingredients to my horror one is bentonite..a type of clay. No wonder it smells weird. Do your dogs a favour and stay away from it. Bad bad bad.


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