ALDI Julius Gold Dog Food Review

Julius Gold Dog Food is one of the economic dog food in the market. When we see something affordable, we instinctively ask ourselves why right?

The packaging of this brand has a friendly feel to it. Julius Gold claims to have all-natural ingredients with natural prebiotics that help the immune system and improve digestion. They also claim that it is high in protein, with meat as the main source, but we don’t know which kind of meat it is. They also mentioned the word “premium” in the packaging, so let’s see if it’s really premium in quality.

Julius Gold Dog Food premium word

Protein and fat percentage is lower compared to other market brands. They use Meat and Meat By-Products that we are not exactly sure about the origin. This is the most common ingredient detested by many pet parents, which may be why this dog food comes at a low price.

Other ingredients you may want to consider are wheat, sorghum, wheat bran, and tallow. Wheat is not nutritious, and sorghum is harder to digest than rice. Wheat bran is the cheapest and most allergenic gran is also used here. Most of the protein from this brand may also come from vegetables and actually not from animal meat.

On a positive note, Julius Gold has incorporated some vitamins, minerals, and omega fatty acids to complement the lack of other nutritious contents.

It is important to note that dogs are usually carnivores, and animal meat MUST be the main food source. I wouldn’t recommend it as daily dog food for consumption since the nutritional content is looking suspicious.

This is also not suitable for sensitive dogs due to the wheat content. Large dogs may also find it harder to accept this formula since it lacks the taste and the protein content they instinctively need.

Our neighbor’s dogs have tried this product, and he told me that they were fine at first, but after some time, they develop itchy skin and started vomiting. It may be due to other sources or maybe because of the wheat in this product.

For other pet parents who have many dogs to feed and who are tight on budget, this dog food can be a saver. Just make sure to complement it with other meals from time to time.

With the rapid costs of dog food in the market nowadays, it is tempting to go for a cheap alternative. We need to make sure that we give the proper meal for our dogs. We may save a lot in buying these kinds of products, but we need to think of the dogs’ health in the long run. If these kinds of brands are given daily without any supplementary to it, we might find our dogs becoming ill or losing weight due to the lack of nutrition this product is offering. Every dog has different needs, and it’s up to us as pet parents to attend and assess these needs. Below are some pros and cons in summary;


  • Some good additives are incorporated
  • Inexpensive


  • Low in protein content
  • Low in fat
  • Use of wheat

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I can process that if there is not anything better around. But then I play offended to my frugal parent.

Taz rating: 1/5

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