Aldi Dog Food Review

There’s actually limited information about Aldi Dog Food on the internet, but Aldi Dog Food is one of the most affordable dog food on the market. It gives adequate nutrients for daily consumption. This is an excellent option for dog lovers who feed many dogs and puppies and cannot spend a lot on dog food. The product can be given to any breeds, except for those with allergies and large breeds. Here is list of dog foods for large breeds.

It contains more grains than meat. Dogs are carnivores and need real meat. Aldi Dog Food uses corn rather than meat. It may give the protein in the dog food but not the top-quality type of protein. Corn is one of the cheapest protein “sources”, and most manufacturers use it as a filler in dog food. 

On the other hand, Aldi Dog Food is supplemented with fortified nutrients, such as vitamin A and vitamin E, to compensate for some of the areas they lacked. So, it is essential to us as dog lovers to always read the labels and ingredients to give the optimum nutrition our dogs need. Of course, ingredients and nutrients depend on what type of diet our dogs have and other special considerations for the diet if they have diseases or sickness. 

We have many dogs, and we use Aldi Dog Food as daily food, but we also supplement it with other meals and nutrients. Even if this formula is not top-rated compared to other brands in the market, some of our dogs prefer this brand’s taste, and whenever we try to change it to something else, they look unhappy. It comes with soft chunks that our dogs usually like, and they’re not leaving a thing on their plates.

We also noticed that our dogs had shinier coats when we decided to put them in Aldi Dog Food for many months now. Their feces are also more solid, and it saves us time and hassle in cleaning.

Compared to other markets, we can see that Aldi Dog Food has relatively lower protein and fat shares coming from animal sources. In quality dog food, we need higher protein levels and fats that will surely help strengthen our dogs’ strong muscle development and overall health.

Some pet parents will choose Aldi Dog Food rather than other premium brands because their dogs are already used to its ingredients. It’s affordable, and it gives decent and adequate nutrients for daily food.

You can recommend this dog food to those dogs who need a strict diet or those who need to lose some weight. Each dog absorbs food differently from another, and it’s up to us as pet parents on how we handle and recognize their needs. Below are some pros and cons that you can consider in choosing the right dog food:



  • Good for pet parents on a tight budget
  • Good for weight monitoring
  • Good for skin and coats


  • Not intended for puppies as some ingredients are hard to digest
  • Not intended for dogs with sensitivity to corns or grains
  • Not suitable for large breeds due to the quality of protein

What does the fox our Taz say?

Yummy. My parent buys it sometimes, but I often easy overeat this food and than hard times come.

Taz rating: 3/5

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